The MSI working group member together with HUPO-PSI members, are working on Open access data formats for metabolomics. Two such formats are mzTab for metabolomics and qcML Additionally, we are working on set of ontology or controlled vocabulary terms for metabolomics

Data foRmats


mzTab has been designed to act as a lightweight, tab-delimited file format for mass spec-derived omics data. It was originally designed for proteomics with limited support for metabolomics (version 1.0). The metabolomics aspects are undergoing further development towards full support in a planned version 1.1 update.


The qcML format, which has been developed as a standardized format for the exchange, transmission, and archiving of quality control metrics derived from mass spectrometry.

Controlled Vocabulary development

We are collectively working on controlled vocabulary terms for metabolomics in common with the PSI-MS and PSI-PI groups for MSI.